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Mother Nature Hath Forsaken Us

This weather is HORRIBLE. I guess Mother Nature is skipping summer this year, and withholding sunlight for some reason to punish us. I have always liked overcast weather but this is too much.

I had very vivid dream last night that I was having a conversation with my roommate about the phone bill. A vivid BORING dream. WTF? I think that Claritin has done irreparable damage to the dream-producing centers in my brain, they are out of material. Nothing weird or surreal happening in the dream, just a boring and crystal-clear conversation about figuring out the phone bill. This happened to me once long ago, I had a dream that I was working in the liquor store I where I worked in college, and in the dream I was stocking the shelves. That’s it. One bottle, two bottle, three bottle.

But I like movies that are about nothing/minutiae/small stuff so maybe my unconscious thought I would enjoy these tedious dreams. In fact either of them could fit seamlessly into a film like Mutual Appreciation. Both dreams seem to be about nothing but of course are in fact highly charged, based on things like my current feelings about my roommate and my house, much like a seemingly tedious conversation about buying guitar strings in Mutual Appreciation is actually full of drama just beneath the surface, based on unspoken things that happened in prior scenes.

Yes, in my dreams I am constructing Andrew Bujalski films.

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