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Maybe Not Austin

Looks like my plan to move to Austin wasn’t so original–Andrew
Bujalski (director of the fabulous Mutual Appreciation) had the same
idea and it didn’t go so well:

Bujalski and the leads in his two movies, Kate Dollenmayer (Funny Ha Ha) and Justin Rice (Mutual Appreciation),
moved to Austin as roommates in 1999, after college. “We were young,
and it was that moment in life,” Bujalski told me. “I temped,
volunteering for the Austin Film Society, and wrote the first film
here. Kate was an animator on
Waking Life.” The three expected
to be able to live cheaply in Austin and contemplate their art.
Bujalski lasted a year; Justin Rice left quickly. “It was the high-tech
boom,’ Rice said. “Every Web site in the world was here. We paid more
rent than in Cambridge.”

Poor public transportation + no jobs + no friends there = No Austin for me. Unless I apply to their film PhD program.

via Cinetrix

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