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Film Geek Love

This “eligible cinephile” states the problem with “movie dates”:

“There’s a problem with going out with film buffs,” he said. “Any
time you share an interest with somebody, and you make that the
starting point for getting to know the person, you can never be sure –
unless you do something drastic, like trying to kiss them – you can
never be sure if they simply want to see the film in your company, or
if they find you attractive and want you to find them attractive.”

film date, in his view, is awkward by its very nature. “To like going
to films, not unlike liking to read, involves a certain cultivation of
solitude,” he observed. “Even if you’re on a date – unless you’re with
one of these idiots who wants to hold your hand through the whole film
– you don’t interact with the other person during the film. Which can
be very frustrating to some people. They think they’ve spent two hours
with you when all they’ve done is sit next to you.”

I solve this problem by rarely going to the movies any more. But hey
ladies, if you want a guy who sees 10 movies *minimum* per week and
works as a temp in order to have a schedule flexible enough to allow
him to see all those movies, he’s available and looking.

4 Responses to “Film Geek Love”

  1. guy
    March 29th, 2005 | 2:40 am

    and why do you need a temp job to be able to watch movies? have they stopped screening them at night nowadays?

    i do agree, movie dates are pretty stupid. they’re a good way to get some time on the proverbial clock without having to say anything.

    even worse, they feed the empty space between you with some made up emotions to make you feel like you’re been through “something” together.

    i like breakfast dates.

  2. cynthia rockwell
    March 29th, 2005 | 8:18 am

    i like breakfast dates too. yes movie dates are dumb, and should always
    at least be combined with dinner or coffee or drinks after. otherwise
    all you did was sit silently in the dark next to someone. and i don’t
    think it’s idiotic to hold someone’s hand during a movie. i also don’t
    get exactly how the temp job helps him to see more movies…the article
    says he has a master’s degree and i would think he would be able to get
    some sort of job in film that would give him some free access…even if
    just taking tickets at a theater, which is no less prestigious than
    working as a temp.

  3. alea
    March 29th, 2005 | 12:29 pm

    hmm, I’ve never been on a breakfast date. Sounds nice. I have, however, been on a good movie date. In Honolulu, they have movies on the beach and it is fun to go a little early and chat while the sun sets and dig holes to sit in on the sand. We used to sit behind the screen where there are less people and you can’t even tell that the movie is backwards. Usually not a good idea to go swimming first unless you can get nice and dry before the wind comes up.

    But one of my favorite dates is a weekend lunch date where you do something in the morning then have lots of time to talk enjoy good food. Especially when it is warm outside.

  4. cynthia rockwell
    April 1st, 2005 | 9:01 am

    that does sound like a good movie date. they occasionally have movies on boston common, but not too often and of course only in summer.