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Scary Movies

At this site you can watch the first five minuges of Boogeyman. I watched it, and it is predictable and cliche and SCARY AS HELL.

via Dowbrigade, who I agree with when he says:

… two-minute movie trailers have existed for years, and are all over the net. However, these are usually unrealistic compilations of eye candy, one-liners and money shots, and give no idea what the movie is actually going to be like. The first five minutes would be a much more representative sampling. It could potentially help us avoid dropping mucho dinero on duds and bombs at the local Megaplex, which is probably why it will never catch on.

3 Responses to “Scary Movies”

  1. guy
    March 3rd, 2005 | 11:32 pm

    omg, i couldn’t watch it all. it was scary as hell.

  2. Lisa
    March 4th, 2005 | 8:46 am

    My favorite part is before the clip even begins – the warning on the page “The following clip contains scenes of a graphic and terrifying nature. If you are likely to be offended by such scenes, please do not watch the clip.” hehehe bring it on boogeyman.

  3. cynthia rockwell
    March 4th, 2005 | 3:49 pm

    yes those brits, so polite!