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We Don’t Live Here Anymore

Not a good movie. Could’ve been, but there was one giant black hole sucking all the energy out of the film, the actors, everything:

The other actors were working their asses off, but she just had nothing to bring to the table. In  a film that relies so heavily–perhaps solely–on acting for its power, this film is evidence that one weak link can break the chain. She was so bad that in every scene she was in, she made the other actors look ridiculous. Like they were playing house. But magically, when she wasn’t there, the other actors were phenomenal. Laura Dern and Mark Ruffalo especially.

But I do not recommend seeing this film. Not only because of the Watts black hole factor, but also because of shitty on-the-nose writing. It’s a film with zero subtext, a film that is trying to be about complicated lives and complicated people but is itself wholly uncomplicated.

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