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BUFF Highlights

Some highlights (i.e. my personal faves) of the upcoming Boston Underground Film Festival (May 6-10):

Robot Rumpus – Jason Dunn, 20 mins.

Kidbot, the world’s first intelligent machine, spends his first day in elementary school, sent there by his scientist father to meet his human peers.

They hate him. He hates them.

A Schulz/ Burtonesque, documentary- style retro sci-fi film set in timeless 60’s limbo.


Son of Satan

The frenetic animation of Jean-Jacques Villard brings Charles Bukowski’s diabolical characters to life in this adaptation of the short story “Son of Satan”, about a vicious group of child bullies ganging up on a pale, freckled neighbor boy.


Ward 13 Peter Cornwell

Hilarious claymation nightmare about a man who wakes up in a nightmarish hospital full of demented staff and zombified patients. The tormented patient attempts to escape the hellish place, and embarks on several dynamic fight scenes armed with wooden canes, brain-exploding strength pills, and, finally, a wheelchair chase scene worthy of Raiders of the Lost Arc.


Celluloid Horror

Documentary about the Cinemuerte International Film Festival, which is the result of one woman’s passion for film coupled with an irrepressible personality. With no prior experience and little money, and in a short three years, Kier-La Janisse pushed, prodded and nurtured CineMuerte from a 16mm and video projection fringe event into a fantastic and shocking cinematic experience that has earned the respect and admiration of filmmakers, distributors and festival organizers around the world – and without a cent of public funding. Celluloid Horror explores Kier-La’s unique appreciation of shocking and horrific films and her compulsion to entice others into at least considering her views as it documents her most odds-defying achievements. You are invited to spend 90 minutes in her company as she struggles to propel CineMuerte toward greater acceptance without sacrificing its or her integrity.


Red Things – Max Porter – Animated film about a mysterious phenomenon that overtakes a small town, wreaking havoc with all things red..


Unicornimation – Ever wonder what unicorns use those horns for? Ever wonder how they copulate with no genitals?


The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam – Ann Marie Fleming

Ann Marie Fleming’s great-grandfather was a Chinese acrobat, magician, vaudeville star, and Orson Welles’ magic mentor. So why hasn’t anyone ever heard of him? Fleming’s documentary playfully examines the mysterious life of her great-grandfather through a combination of animation, archival shots and interviews with people who knew him.

And many, many more…don’t miss the collection of shorts picked by Jim Jarmusch…

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