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Ruined Endings

One of the complaints I hear most frequently from students about film textbooks is that the books invariably ruin the ending of every film they discuss. (I often get this complaint about film lectures too.) I am generally not receptive to this complaint, and tend to write it off as a petty concern of someone not yet attuned to the idea that we are not reading about films as entertainment, that there’s more to a movie than its plot or its ending.

Snotty, yes I know, but that’s part of the requirement for getting that ever-valuable Master’s degree in Cinema Studies.

But I’ve just come across a website that inverts this logic and supplies you with nothing but the endings of films, at your fingertips. I’m not sure who would need this service or why, unless you are like Steve, who had an emergency when his TiVo went blank just before the ending of a film, leaving him hanging. But if you want it, here’s a database of the endings of films (whole plots are being added as well): Ruined Endings. Click on the “View Random Entry” option. My favorite:

The Ending for the Crying Game:

She’s a bloke.

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