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Depressive Girl’s Guide to the Movies


On those days when it feels like the world just can’t get any colder, when it feels like there are absolutely no human beings who care about anything but themselves…oh wait, that’s every day, isn’t it? Well on the days when you feel impelled to fling yourself into the Charles River and merge with the oneness of ice-cold stabbing water…ok that doesn’t work either. Well anyway when you find yourself in the grips of an uncontrollable crying fit, here we have THE DEPRESSIVE GIRL’S GUIDE TO THE MOVIES, a new recurring feature to help you pass the time here in the Waiting Room. I’d like to make DEPRESSIVE GIRL’S GUIDE a weekly feature, but I don’t think my heart could take it. So its erratic reappearance will depend on the whims of my depressive moods, and you won’t be able to predict if and when the dark cloud will bring it back. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go burrow under my covers in the fetal position.

This week’s movie: SILKWOOD. Yes, that’s right, the Meryl Streep movie about a bitchy narcissistic divorced white-trash nuclear-plant worker who watches all her friends become contaminated with plutonium from a careless corporate conglomerate’s indifference toward worker safety, gets a union organized, loses all her friends, loses her boyfriend, becomes contaminated herself, then is murdered before she rats out the Man. This film is perfect for those moments when you want to confirm that humanity is worthless and careless on both the micro AND macro levels and deserves to be annihilated. Giant flaming meteor, full-scale nuclear war, explosion of the sun, whatever. Bring it on.

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