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watch the geometric informatics avatar go!


GI avatar

The GI Avatar demo webpage is up! Generated by yours truly.


alan creates speech recognition software. automatically proclaims his love.


It took a while, but it finally works. Time to expand that word list.

city tagging at harvard


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naomoji-kun writing phase is complete



naomoji-kun paper gets a logo



l’OMGWTFLMAOROFL: alan begins research on the growth of east asian languages as e-languages


After taking a linguistics course in World Englishes, I was exposed to the study of e-English, “electronic English”, which is quickly becoming its own dialect, and potentially the world’s most widely “spoken” dialect of English.

But what about other emerging internet languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. While many users in France, Germany, etc., have gone ahead and adopted e-English, these emerging internet languages are developing their own e-Varieties.

As a field of my specialisation is in Asian web-development, I henceforth formally launch my research project on the emergence of internet dialects of the Asian Languages of Japanese, Chinese and Korean, titled “Naomoji-kun: Understanding the Evolution and Development of East Asian Languages as Electronic Languages”. (translation: [JPN] 顔文字: アジア言語の電子言語進化 [CHN] 表情: 中文·日语·韩语之电子语言演变)

web conferencing is a tiring art



I never understood the point of web conferencing. Sure you get to see the other person. Sure you get to see reactions. Sure you get to point at things. But what’s the point about pointing at things in the first place? I always though audio conferencing was just faster and better.

new geometric informatics page


I finished designing the new Geometric Informatics page today! It’s available on my personal server in limited functionality.

Linked here

i have a potential cure for tumourous cancers


Aureolae logo

As you may know, my ultimate goal is to cure cancer. Well I think I’m on to something. I’ll keep it a secret until I get my proposal out, but after modifying an ingenious idea by my best buddy Mike Teodorescu with a dual-halo rotational bi-arm, appending my previous cancer detection technology and some of the 3D imaging/model-generation work that I did at Harvard this summer, I think I can now accurately, precisely, and efficiently remove tumours completely with a near totally non-invasive surgical procedure.

I’m working on my proposal paper right now, titled Aureolae: Utilising High-Definition Real-Time 3D Modelling, Radiological Imaging, and Controlled Dynamic Ray Collision in the Remote Non-Invasive Surgical Removal of Tumourous Tissue. More later when I get Aureolae (/ɔˈriolɛi/) written.

backing up Facebook


Facebook logo

As a platform developer for Facebook (as well as an app developer) its important that I back up all of the source code that I write/modify/etc.

Today, when I was putting all of this week’s files onto my trusty 1TB Maxtor, I ran out of space. I was confused. Facebook, being simply a huge PHP program shouldn’t have clogged up my entire drive. I opened up the most current build and took a look.

The culprit, a self replicating Facebook logo. Well done Facebook, you think that you’re so cool that your logos reproduce in order to be seen even more. But what am I to complain? Facebook is cool.

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