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i have a potential cure for tumourous cancers

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As you may know, my ultimate goal is to cure cancer. Well I think I’m on to something. I’ll keep it a secret until I get my proposal out, but after modifying an ingenious idea by my best buddy Mike Teodorescu with a dual-halo rotational bi-arm, appending my previous cancer detection technology and some of the 3D imaging/model-generation work that I did at Harvard this summer, I think I can now accurately, precisely, and efficiently remove tumours completely with a near totally non-invasive surgical procedure.

I’m working on my proposal paper right now, titled Aureolae: Utilising High-Definition Real-Time 3D Modelling, Radiological Imaging, and Controlled Dynamic Ray Collision in the Remote Non-Invasive Surgical Removal of Tumourous Tissue. More later when I get Aureolae (/ɔˈriolɛi/) written.

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