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web conferencing is a tiring art


I never understood the point of web conferencing. Sure you get to see the other person. Sure you get to see reactions. Sure you get to point at things. But what’s the point about pointing at things in the first place? I always though audio conferencing was just faster and better.

The main thing that bothers me is the fact the when you web conferencing individual looks at the face(s) s/he is talking to, that person always looks like s/he’s looking down. Well that’s very personal and realistic. If I had someone speak to me without looking directly at my face, I assume that I have a strange spot on my shirt, or spilled ketchup on myself, or am wearing a particularly cool T-Shirt, of which I have, probably 3 or 4, most being homemade National Pi Day shirts.

Thankfully, I heard somewhere that someone was making a webcam that is directly embedded into an LCD screen. Once that day comes, I’ll give web conferencing another chance.

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