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presentation wrapup: “New Skills, New Learning”

I presented my research findings today at the weekly Berkman luncheon — I was very excited by the turnout, with a substantial number of clinical professors/instructors and librarians, from as close as downstairs (Harvard Legal Aid Bureau) to those logging in from DC and California (that I was aware of, at least). Update: Video was posted to MediaBerkman on Wednesday.

The challenge of a presentation like this — and indeed, the study itself — is that my topic is broad and the research shallow. Thus, the questions that people raised at the beginning and end spanned quite a few disparate and unconnected points, with quite a few scattered around uses of specific technologies. The format of a crowded lunch talk didn’t quite lend itself to a participatory conversation as I would have liked — there was so much knowledge and wisdom in the room that I felt it a shame to have answered so many of the questions myself (inadequately, I felt).

We did emerge with one possible next step: establishing a commons of resources (probably multimedia) that professors and instructors can use to animate (perhaps literally) their teaching. It’s the kind of project I could imagine CALI taking on.

Speaking of which, I will be presenting a more focused version of this same talk at the 2007 CALI Conference for Law School Computing.

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