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WYSIWYG XML editing tool:

Micha Alpern writes why we need a WYSIWYG XML editing tool instead of a WYSIWYG html tool.”We often want to manipulate the structure and the presentation at the same time, but it’s important that within the underlying representation these two layers remain separate. It’s because this separation exists that you can copy and past a column from Excel into Word as either plain text, formatted text, a table, or an actual Excel object.” Now the problem is getting users to put metadata along with the data they write. As John Udell points out, the answer is to give the users tangible benifits while they anoint the data. For example if the user uses tag, an ability to list all the quotes on the blog, ability to list of all the posts with quotes, on the blog. Different presentation formats: How the post will look on blog front page, on the blogs internal page, in an aggregator should be available to the user on the XML editor interface.

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