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TV viewers and Internet users:

“The control an Internet user has is far, far greater than one equipped merely with a remote.” The converse, internet users want to interact, not watch passively. This is what skip intros in flash missed. The internet is not TV. Show the users amazing stuff, but give them the controls they know how to use.

TV viewers and Internet users: …

Handheld Flash UI :

The Invisible ideas app has buttons made for the thumb. The buttons correspond to the relative angle of the left and right thumbs on each side. It is an app which guides you through a tour in Boston. Tells about important places, history, tidbits, etc.

Handheld Flash UI : …

Somebody’s impersonating me Peldi:

“So now, next time you see me online, how will you be able to tell if it’s me or my double? Ask me a hard flashcom question, we’ll see how I do… ;)” I had big laugh on this. Porn on Peldi’s cook phone app and someone impersonating him. But its hard reality. We all will soon evolve into learning not to believe every thing we see and hear. We will learn to fit what we hear by comparing it to their personalities. Lets see how far this impersonating thing goes.

Somebody’s impersonating me Peldi: …

3 Column Complex CSS Layout demo:

A nice example on how the tutorial can fit into the demo. Shows css code displayed in the demo itself. Inorder to put different views on the screen, it is not necessary to separate them. Screen space/number of clicks can be saved with this method. It’s hosted as a guest demo over on Position is Everything, which now has four excellent layout demos.

3 Column Complex CSS Layout demo: …

Web Traffic Analytics and User Experience:

The article describes a step by step process of analyzing website logs. The important points are, convert numbers to percentages, its easier to compare. Use a spread sheet to derive metrics and comparison graphs. The analysis helps in caliculating the return on investment on the design. Software like Webtrends, IBM Surfaid, Omniture SiteCatalyst help in doing the analysis by providing useful derived metrics.

Web Traffic Analytics and User Experience: …

Comments on 2advanced, a Flashy site:

The site in question, gives a movie like experience. I’d love to see this kind of stuff if it is shown without me doing anything. We don’t read stuff or interact in the movies, we just experience them. It can also be used to denote a brand statement like an ad. 2advanced is a site for a company that does these brand statements. They could drive the experience by putting a neat flash file on each of their page and use normal html for browsing. It is like the ‘going to the movies’ metaphor forced in on the ‘travel metaphor’ :).

Comments on 2advanced, a Flashy site: …

InfoWorld Readers’ Choice Awards: :

The results may surprise you. “Readers stand by Microsoft, Apple storms the enterprise, open source steadily gains ground, and everyone really hates spam

InfoWorld Readers’ Choice Awards: : …

Brand Objects™

Stephen Galluccio listed lots of RIA’s, each with their own page and brand name. Not many of them worked for me though.

Brand Objects™ …

UI for text input forms:

This form shows the UI for text input. A series of (xxx)-xxx-xxxx or dd/mm/yyyy will fill the form before hand and should be greyed out. The inputted information should be automatically fit into its field. A drop down box like that of IE should be supported in flash and data should be brought up from the local shared object.

UI for text input forms: …

Fun with User Interface Metaphors:

Beyond the desktop UI? Sarah Allen does some thinking on desktop UI’s and web UI’s. The web interface is metaphorically similar to travel. We go from place to place. We wait while traveling. Multiple webpages are consistent in design and create the illusion of a place.
More fun with metaphors? Another metaphor for the desktop apps is, the desktop apps are similar to a workshop. We have tools in the workshop. We work with them to produce an object. The object on the desktop is the file we save. It takes time to learn the skill of using the tools in the workshop. Similarly we learn desktop apps and put them on our resume.

New metaphors: Searching for a new metaphor for the new interfaces? Playing a game, Shopping, Learning, etc. Lots of different types of metaphors can be listed.

Learning to shop: Amazon uses the learning UI to make people shop. Learning involves asking questions and finding out answers. Amazon asks simple questions about their products and gives people a dime for answering it.

Playing to learn: The classic typing tutor game uses the game metaphor to teach typing. Letters fall from the top and the player tries to type as fast as possible to win.

Shopping to play: I don’t know of any game which uses the shopping metaphor, but maybe the next sims game will be to shop for the best product by sifiting through lots of properties. Enough fun for today 🙂

Fun with User Interface Metaphors: …

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