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“Blog advertising makes opinions”

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Lifestreams: Organize by time

The summary of this paper is that, it is easy to remember files by the time they were produced on. It misses one result that, it is even easier to remember files by the time another thing happened, eg: the document that was created after I got the mail from Bob. Voisens blog gives a timeline for the posts by showing the top news at the time the post was published. He got the idea from Contemporaria at Ben Hammersly. EG: “This post was last changed at 09:08 PM July 27, 2003, at a time when the top BBC News headline was BA braced for ‘crucial’ talks, and The Guardian’s top headline was Ministers retreat over BBC charter . Technorati thought I had 354 blogs linking to me, the latest at the time being Adactio

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Weblogs and Corporate companies:

There has been a lot of discussion on how corporate companies can benefit by using weblogs. My take on it is, if they don’t, they won’t have a voice when a strong negative publicity hits them. For example consider the “PDF unfit for human consumption” thing on July 14th. Lots of blogs caught it and the web was filled with PDF unfit comments. Now how can Adobe straighten up their image and respond to all that? A reply was released to planetPDF on 21st July by Robert McDaniels, but Adobe Systems was too late, very few people linked to it and PDF was branded to be unusable on the web. If someone searches for PDF Usability, Robert McDaniels reply is nowhere to be seen, only “PDF unfit” pops up. Even companies which follow the rule, “If it Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix”, need to listen to this because their public relation process is already broken.

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Flash Paper Stats:

Image size: 26 kb
Flash paper swf size:58 kb,
Print file of the img:1.6Mb,
Print file from flash paper:1.59Mb.
Webpage size: 127kb,
Flash paper size: 118kb,
Print file of the webpage:6.73Mb,
Print file from flash paper:8.8Mb.
I tried printing from another page on the web, direct print file was 1.8Mb, but the print file from flash paper was 28Mb. WOW. So, flash paper works fine, but sometimes produces HUGE print files. Wonder when those “sometimes” are?

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A neat chat app using Flash comm server with webcam and sound capabilities.

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Apps as wallpaper

SWF Desktop lets you create wallpapers from Flash. It creates an installer which puts the flash file as a wallpaper. Currently you can put any webpage on the desktop by enabling the active desktop. I guess this program created an installer for that sequence.

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RPC calls through Javascript:

This is a nice blog interface which makes RPC calls through javascript and impliments DHtml interface. Different parts of the page update locally. The style is based on office 2003, so looks prim and proper. The interface itself is not geared towards fast browsing, but is more of an email client interface with three panes. Wonder if there are any companies making applications to author RIAs based on DHtml and javascript. The important thing is that it is pretty fast for a 56k connection. This stuff rocks.

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Popups and Flash

A discussion about popups and flash at chi-web. Google bar’s popup blocker blocks all windows opened by swfs. Flash popups originated because integrating flash with the brower back buttons was difficult. Opening a popup with no back buttons told the users that this is a new environment which has different controls than the browser. Currently falsh supports browser backbuttons so all efforts should be made to to integrate flash into the navigation path.

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Accessibility tools and HCI patterns:

A neat summary of all the accessibility tools available for websites. W3C also has a full listing of all accessibility related software. The chi-web list also has a summary of Interaction Design Style Guides on the web. A detailed listing of Interaction Design related patterns is at Information Design patterns and at the HCI patterns page. About the chi-web list, they have a nice principle, anyone who starts a discussion summerizes the discussion and posts a summary. This is the sort of post that should go in to a wiki.

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FOAF and Blogs

Many people want FOAF to support more features like, level of knowing people, privacy, etc. But One area where FOAF can help is telling people, who’s blogroll they are on. This can be done through OPML also. It dosn’t matter which way, but there is a need to connect people by showing their immediate neighbourhood and facilitate community forming. Currently, a few visualizions exist for FOAF and OPML is widely implimented. It will be interesting to see where the two formats endup.

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