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Prior art as a design method:

Dave says, “Something that has been proven is much better than ‘I have a better way’.” So how to evlove? The answer is to include both the methods to test to see if your method works. If you can’t introduce your method along with the old one, introduce your method as a preview and see if people use it. Get feedback and iterate and make your method better. The duration for which a method is in the market is also very important for the product. The method improves because of the feedback it gets and also because people get used to it. “People don’t like change” is not true. People like change but the rate of change they like is not very high. More thoughts are at The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch.

Prior art as a design method: …

What makes a Weblog?

A weblog is the voice of a person or a brand. There are three important qualities the voice of a person has. It strives to show others that we are consistent, capable and moral.
Consistency: When we go to a weblog, we predict the kind of content that will be presented and expect that it will follow a logical pattern. If a person is observed for quite sometime we will begin to predict his/her behavior, because the person is consistent. People who are not consistent are either considered “mad” or a “genius” because we do not understand them.
Capability: We like to show others that we are capable at what we like to do. The posts on a weblog show our insights into the problem and we try to be good at it. People who are not capable in the field they strive are “losers”.
Morality: We want to show others that we are good. The posts on a weblog try to correct others negative interpretation of our words and actions. People who are not act morally are branded “cheaters”.
News: A news site is an aggregation of facts and opinions. Accuracy comes foremost for a news site, not the above three qualities.
Group blog: A group weblog is a weblog if all the posts have these qualities; else it becomes an aggregation of posts, not a weblog.
Chicken or Egg: The features listed in the article help in the communication process, but do not define a weblog. RSS did not make Blogs happen, Blogs made RSS happen.

What makes a Weblog? …

Activare IPods distribution:

It is a company which makes money by licensing music from record lables and distributing IPods to boutiques, stores, restaurants, and hotels. Remote DJing. Wonder what else will become remote. But their service mails the IPods, rather than connecting them to the net. Don’t use technology if it is not cost effective and easy

Activare IPods distribution: …

Technology Evangelism:

James Plamondon, a former employee at MSFT is writing a book on how MSFT won the platform wars it waged.
The mission of Technical Evangelism at Microsoft is:
To accelerate the creation of a critical mass of leveraged support for a platform until it gains unstoppable momentum.

“Evangelism is War” The web brought us into a common battle ground where everyone knows where the technology is moving to.
“No one likes being thought of as a pawn in someone else’s struggle ” “Sacrificing the allegiance of our pawns tomorrow for victory today, is an ultimately doomed strategy. Support of pawns is often an unconscious act. The only viable long-term strategy is to align our interests with those of our pawns, so that after every battle our cadre of loyal pawns grows larger.”
“Microsoft’s thorough understanding of the centrality of software developers in winning platform battles was, for many years, its greatest advantage.”

Technology Evangelism: …

Actionscript & XML tutorial:

There are two tutorials that come up on google for “flash XML tutorial“. But I like this one at better.

Actionscript & XML tutorial: …

More about RIA:

There is plenty of companies trying to build rich client based on java, XML and SVG (Altio, Esual, Curl, Nexaweb, Luxor-XUL, XWT, eNode…).

More about RIA: …

Macromedia Story:

A neat detailed flash presentation on the Macromedia history, present and the future.

Macromedia Story: …

MX RIA Vision:

This presentation has a similar interface as the history. I guess this was one of the first UI iterations from Odopod for Breeze. This presentation gives the RIA stuff.

MX RIA Vision: …

Coldfusion and MVC:

The Breeze presentation is titled “MX applications based on MVC”, but mostly deals with coldfusion and MVC.

Coldfusion and MVC: …

Sarah Allen:

Software should enable someone to do something meaningful that they couldn’t do otherwise.” One important thing that is not looked into while designing lots of unsuccessful software. Also, new software should enable to do something meaningful that old software cant do. ‘Meaningful”? The billion dollar Q! The blog has other stuff about social computing, communication, learning, visual design…. She is a Laszlo employee. More Laszlo employees here, Oliver Steele, Adam Wolf

Sarah Allen: …

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