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Viswanath Gondi Portfolio

Behavior Change Model for Persuasive Computing

Persuasive Computing
    A theoretical model to change user behavior by creating effective interventions. Chore motivation is used as an example to show how the persuasive computing model can be used.

Archaid: The Ideal CAAD Tool

    Redesign of the user interface for a computer aided architectural design software to overcome current drawbacks. The redesign not only included the user interface, but also the representation system of the software’s data model.

Talash: Contextual Mailing List Visualization

    A visualization of the mailing list hierarchy to enable quick retrieval of information. The goal of the design was to enable the user to understand the discussion patterns quickly and extract the required information.

Rich Picture Viewer

Picture Viewer
    A blog widget which shows pictures in the restricted space on the side of a weblog. Made using Macromedia Flash MX. It uses XML-RPC to talk to the server and displays images which have thumbnails. The images can be posted to it by just emailing the image and its thumbnail to a specified email address.

Influence of online presence awareness on task facilitation

Online Presence
    A specification for a study on how the ability of others to see what we are doing affects our work. The expected result of the study is that performance drops for hard tasks with the level of presence shared.

A method for applying design patterns to user interface design

Design Patterns
    A list of various interaction design patterns and a design process to build a collaboration tool using design patterns. Design patterns are used as a method to gain new insights into the problem.

User Dependent and Independent feedback in interactive spaces

Interactive Spaces
    The principles on how a user responds to dependent and independent feedback were also used to design a virtual dancer which responds to the users dance steps. THe same principles were used in the design of an interactive sound space for the south asian mammals gallery at American museum of natural history, NewYork.

Virtual Buddy: A Virtual World and its Help Agent

Agent Based Virtual Architecture
    A virtual space with an agent based on simple AI rules to provide help in the virtual world. The interactions that the user experience in the virtual world were designed to enable quick learning.

Usable Rich Web Application Architecture

Task based pages and navigation
    A design pattern to introduce usability constraints into the design process for rich internet applications. This work lists various constraints that rise from basic user needs and later introduces a pattern which reduces the design’s complexity. The core of the design pattern involves splitting the application into navigation and task based pages. The article was published on

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