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Revealing anonymity via google:

Mitch Kapor posted a request for guest blogging he recieved, after removing all the proper nouns to protect the identity of the user. JJG found a way to identify the writer. Just google for a rare phrase used in the text. Googling for “disruptive competitive advantage” gave the answer in this case. Now only if google found patterns in writing. Thanks to Navneet Nair for the link.

One Response to “Revealing anonymity via google:”

  1. Nav
    August 27th, 2003 | 12:34 am

    The V.P. FROM VERY WELL-KNOWN VALLEY FIRM must be so p%34#ed.

    But the fact remains that the PR firm did not even bother to personalize the email, the description can be found word to word on their website…

    They have missed the whole idea of blogging…