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Macromedia MX 2004:

Macromedia announces Flash MX 2004 Professional, making it simpler for developers to make Rich internet apps. Flash is now available as MX 2004 and as MX 2004 Professional. Their features are documented here. The new action script books will be released around mid october.
There was a cool web presentation on Breeze publicized on JD’s blog, an hour before it began. I got in a little late but saw lots of cool stuff. The conference administrator sends you a link. You login as guest with your user name and the administrator lets you in. If you are on dialup, voice is available on a toll free number with a passcode. The participants can talk on the side while the presentation is going on. The refresh rate was about 1f/s. A screen shot of the breeze presentation is here.
There is also info about central at

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