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Email via Pub/Sub:

Adam Curry declares, “Email is Dead” and proposes a solution. It works like this… I send an email to my mom with a link to a pub/sub outlook plugin and the feed that I publish privately for her. After recieving the email, my mom downloads and clicks on the plugin, which creates her own blog on a server with private pages/feeds for each of her friends. It also automatically subscribes her to her private feed that I publish and creates a folder in outlook. When she sends a mail to one of her friends, it gets sent through smtp and also to her blog. The mail sent through smtp includes the link to plugin and the friends private feed, so it is viral in nature. Other problems like encription and finding new personal feeds can also be solved.
Adam writes, “I like this model best because it requires both sides of a conversation to commit to the relationship and simultaneously allows for either side to break it off if desired.” If this pub/sub model becomes successful, most of the data will reside on the servers. Central can be of help with the client interface because there is very little local data to be stored.

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  1. November 8th, 2009 | 10:30 am

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