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Daily Archive for Thursday, January 24th, 2008

poker teaches

off to new york city for colbert with fern and andrew and gang along


Q from mookie99: Charles Nesson, a Harvard Law school prof has started advocating the use of poker as a way to teach strategic thinking. He has proposed that the current presidential candidates play a tourney with WPT-style hole card cams (I saw him propose this while being interviewed on the Colbert report, but he seemed totally serious about it).


If Romney, McCain, Guliani, Obama, Clinton and Edwards sat down for a six-handed shootout, who would win?

# California Jen Says:
January 29th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

Colbert is hilarious.

Presidential candidates playing poker would be priceless.

Republicans: Huckabee would be the Jerry Yang of it all, praying to God for help. Romney may invoke a little Mormon religion of his own and use his breaks to comb his hair. McCain would be the slowest player; the others would have to call the clock on him every time. And Giuliani would fold his way out of the race. Ron Paul would win for the Republicans and have a large cheering section to celebrate with.

Democrats: Clinton would have to consult with her husband on every hand. Edwards would play too tight and be blinded off while staying out of the way of Clinton-Obama showdowns. Obama would play a tight-aggressive game, and with his previous poker experience, would be the favorite to win.

(Yes, I’m avoiding other work by doing this sad analysis.)