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Daily Archive for Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

roger playing poker in the court of public opinion

what outline would you suggest for a script for me to do a youtube clip straight to camera addressing the criminalization of poker

title: is it criminal to play poker

it’s one thing if your mother tells you not to go to a casino, another to tell your sons and daughters they can’t play poker. where better to learn and play than in your home and in your school and on your computer. in a pure trajectory for poker take the poker parlors out of the casinos. teach the difference between games of skill and games of chance. stop confusing them. disaggregate association between the two. california has the right idea with poker parlors.

did you watch the 60 minutes interview with roger clemens

what would you think of a lipsynch roger arguing against the criminalization of poker
soundtrack in back

by the way, just taught A Civil Action with Jan Schlichtman as my guest and used the poker metaphor i’ve been developing with my students to frame the big negotiation scene in the four seasons as a prisoners dilemma where what jan needed to do was put out the number he needed from one of the defendants to finance his effort to go all the way against the other. andrew is in the class as observer and teaching assistant, and critic to see if i can make poker in teaching work in my own class.

how would you describe clemens move
was it fold or call or raise
what are the stakes in the poker game he’s playing
in his trial in the court of public opinion

what are the meta rules of evidence in the court of public opinion
what is the equivalent of offering and having evidend admitted
what is the burden of proof

with clemens he has the hall of fame voters as his jury in a trial that could last fifteen years

he is playing for his reputation and his legend