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i feel like i’m trying to make a deal, trying to arrange the players in a game with civil rules top to bottom. poker is the model, a fair game fairly played.

Dear Professor Nesson,

It was a genuine pleasure to see you again and to participate in the GPSTS conference last Saturday. This was one of the most innovative and stimulating gatherings I have ever known. Bravo to you and Andrew!

I derived some insights that will be useful in my next book, Cubs Fans’ Leadership Secrets Revealed, which attempts to draw unusual yet pertinent lessons from another subject typically thought of as unrelated to leadership, policy, and the law. After all, as a lifelong Cubs fan, I yearn to see some good emerge from all that suffering. Your electrifying conference proved that poker can be the catalyst for mold-breaking ideas, and I feel inspired to do the same from within my perspective.

thank you john

I was honored to participate, Charlie. And of course I’d love to be involved
in that filmed history of hold’em. In the next day or so I’ll send what I
have on the subject.

Please tell Fern I appreciate her ordering the lobster roll, if only to make
me feel less unsophisticated. She’s a very cool lady indeed.

Andrew couldn’t have handled everything more thoroughly, or with more class.
He’s a genuine dynamo, and unobnoxiously smart on top of it all.

More after we unpack . . .

thank you jim

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