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Daily Archive for Friday, November 23rd, 2007

greensboro – in my daughter’s house

The relationship between liberty and equality.
The feeling of being equal to any man in spirit and courage
The feeling of caring about what you believe in and living it
The feeling of being proud of who you are and what you stand for
The feeling of being master of your addiction by your surrender to it
The feeling of having every choice and choosing to be here
The feeling of freedom to take liberty responsibly to my self

i am in greesboro with my daughters and familes, thirty-one strong in a house my leila built. i’ve just walked to the f.w.woolworth home of the sit-in. i’m going to visit here spring 2009 at elon law school.

leary davis, dean of the school, came to cambridge for our poker conference nov 10, sends me a note this morning with a link to elon’s internet interest.
igf brazil

leary tells me there’s a hitch in the plan for me to visit. david gergen, colleague at the kennedy school and chairman of elon’s advisory board, cautions that i am a man who told the crimson he smoked marijuana in the morning on his early morning walks. leary advises that chances elon’s provost and governing boards would approve my visit are slim. he expresses hope that we can still do a visiting lecture series for which he does not feel he needs provost and board approval but an invitation to teach a course for credit is probably out.