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bok extended – i want to teach poker strategic thinking- open access all ages all nations

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11:15 pm (12 hours ago)
Did you hear what Bok had to say about Harvard yesterday?

Basically he was asking the same questions you are trying to answer:

To begin with, we need to be asking ourselves just whom we should be educating.
Universities have long concentrated on teaching young people between the ages of 18 and 25. But quietly over the last quarter-century, two great changes have occurred. Professionals everywhere have come to recognize the need for lifelong learning, so much so that at Harvard today, between 60- and 70,000 nontraditional students come each year, for a week, a month, a year of further education. In addition, technology now makes it possible for universities to educate people anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Internet, Michael Porter of our faculty can offer his course on corporate strategy in business schools in 70 countries of the world, ranging from Finland to Ghana.


go with derek on life long learning to all the nations of the world
okay i want to start with poker for all people who play it and discussion of the prohibition on poker for all who might like to play but feel enjoined by religion or government not to.

suppose we divide the world we wish to speak with into these two sets
the playing world seems easy to me
excitement and interest is there and vast room for extending intellectual stimulation
the enjoined world is harder
could we engage in an engaging civil discourse on the question whether poker is a game of skill; could we get serious and respected muslim scholars to sit in discourse with me

accept muhummed as doctrine. let us engage.

They ask you about intoxicants and games of chance. Say: In both of them there is a great sin and means of profit for men, and their sin is greater than their profit.

some muslim scholars favor chess but only if it is not played for money
chess is a game that can be played not for money and is surely a game of skill

as a game of skill it avoids the injunction of the heiffer, 2:219. whence then comes the injunction against playing for money, or may we understand this as a line drawn to allow chess to be played with least intrusion on the sensibility of those who abhor gambling. this line extends the realm of freedom for people who love chess played not for money and have the leisure to play. this leaves out chess players with the skill to win but not the means to play. why is this a result muhummad would have wanted?

in second life we can imagine muhummad here today, or can we, are we prohibited from doing so by an injunction that will not let us even in our imagination go inside his mind to try to see and think and feel like him. let his symbol be the necker cube. let his truth be deep and infinite. let me ask the scholars round the table if they would join with me in search of it through the game of poker played not for money.

up speaks a scholar who wants to pursue the truth of the necker cube with me by playing poker not for money but for the element of chance in poker

chess is different from poker. in chess there is no element of chance and hence chess is unquestionably a game of skill. poker is a game of chance, albeit one in which skill may predominate over chance, but nonetheless a game of chance. let us search for truth of the necker cube with you by playing chess instead of poker.

how should i respond to him that might persuade? can i teach the truth of the necker cube with chess? can i teach it with poker not played for money?

where does the money injunction come from?

so im thinking i want to say in dubrovnic, help me teach a poker strategic thinking course. include in it a clinical component for law and government students of representing internet poker against criminal indictment and poker playing against religious and moral censure. help me construct and project this course on the frame of internet poker with cooperation if we can get it from every internet poker company on the net. help me build a research program that asks relevant questions and seeks answers to the from data and knowledgeable people. help me establish a fred friendly seminar program, a series of talks and lectures, a multiplicity of engaging forms in which to explore strategic poker thinking. help me project the idea and its execution through all media, all languages, open access.

here’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen


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