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track of my thoughts

i want to you to help me offer a new form of learning. here's my lecture outline. for liz wallen

0. 0pencourseware

I. the I in MIT

II. Modern Liberty

III. The third side of the NECKER CUBE

iiii. YOU

) freedom from grades, change paradyme to group work, jsb

- a new way of teaching EVIDENCE


:- three hats from scratch

-: help me write a new casebook for ramsi

:-) help me put across pass fail for brianne

-:) help me help kevin to save gail ortega and reconstitute jamaica

second thoughts
outline for our new casebook
meetings next week with reed elsivier
meet february 5 at the berkman center
meet tonight in second life
meet tomorrow in croquet

we speak for university

d of c

third thoughts
open grading, let them see it as it goes along, pitch in, why not talk about it in the medium
what does it mean to be an artist
to be a connoisieur
to paint in your medium one dimension up

means at our disposal
four days free
groups already formed
students behind us who have done great work and learned a lot
learning and digital skills in our hands

understanding the force we are up against
in the battle of good and evil

which side are WE on, declare it now, duncan kennedy's warning
we are on the side of good wanting to understand evil 
how do we do it

knowing that both is in US

should we hear the words of dersh and chomsky

we are what we feel
we think we are what we infer from what comes into us
the square root of minus one

for e thoughts
law and emotion
for matt and becca and david and elizabeth and all on odessey
for alex and diane

youtube socrates eon 
i'd like to take you on an adventure with me
a berkman clinical program
to raise the google question
to solve the problem of funding croquet
to make peace with the lords of content

to learn to use cyber as learning space
by teaching recursive empathic argument
good programming programming good
engaging new in story told in code and lived in real

organize a network of empathic english speakers to translate al jazeera to america and a structure to constrain their work to product with a neutral pov

frame and mount a challenge to the wiki world

we can help each other do what it is we want to do
join and share our passion

lesson plan for today january 15, 2007
what does it mean to testify
what does it mean to put your testimonial capacity in EVIDENCE
joel shellhammer
how bout a field trip to aquinah some time in the spring

ruth friendly, fred friendly, Internet & Society, use of the question tool
he wanted to make peace using this method in his business, and to a great extent he did, but then went on to get seduced by entertainment ultimately turning the method into a bore
 the clip from ogletree

so today, january 18, 7:59 am

i feel you will love each other
may i have your permission to share
my morning thoughts you have here in audio
once i link it in
i want to go no farther in my lesson plan before recursion

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