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Daily Archive for Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Levin Lectures

In the next two weeks Martin Levin will be teaching my students in Evidence and an At Large audience in Second Life how to prosecute a win a plaintiff’s case. These lectures are remarkable.

At-Large Participation

At-Large Participant Home Page

Evidence 2007 is open to the public for at-large participation. All at-large participation will take place on Berkman Island in Second Life and on this wiki.

During the first two weeks of the class we will be posting a video lecture series on this site and in Second Life called “The Levin Lectures”. These lectures, given by distinguished advocate Martin Levin, Esq., will cover topics in trial advocacy. We will also have discussion meetings in Second Life at which we will discuss the content of the lecture videos. The discussion meetings will take place Monday, January 8th at 8:00pm EST (5:00pm SLT) and Monday, January 15th at 8:00pm EST. The discussion meetings will take place in the outdoor amphitheater on Berkman Island in Second Life.

In the final week of the class we will doing a first-of-its-kind Second Life event. We will be holding a moot trial of Bragg v. Linden Labs in our new courtroom on Berkman Island. Bragg v. Linden Labs is a real case currently making its way through the United States federal court system. Bragg is a former Second Life resident whose SL account was terminated and SL property was seized by Linden Labs after they determined that he had exploited the property purchasing system. He is suing for the value of his SL property that he bought through legitimate means in Second Life. We will try the case twice in our courtroom, once under the Second Life Terms of Service Agreement and once at common law. Professor Nesson will serve as the judge in both trials. Teams of Harvard Law students enrolled in Evidence will serve as the lawyers. We are seeking volunteers from within the Second Life community to serve as jurors or to role play the parts of witnesses. We also welcome all at-large participants to participate in the trial by sitting in the public gallery from which we can see all the action in the courtroom but also have our own discussion of the proceedings without disrupting them.

The teaching fellow for the at-large participants is Rebecca Nesson (Rebecca Berkman in Second Life). She will be leading the discussion sections during the first two weeks of class, organizing at-large participants who would like to take an active role in one or both of the trials, and leading discussion in the public gallery during the trials. If you would like to participate, feel free to email Rebecca at or IM Rebecca Berkman in Second Life or just show up for one of the events!