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Daily Archive for Friday, January 26th, 2007

cross post from cyberone

a pleasant surprise when showing my friend stuart cyberone, i googled “cyberone” and it came up first. previously for me i’ve had to look below an australian company.

here’s a cross post from cyberone wiki

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january 26

nesson here:

yesterday in new york, seeing stuart sucherman, fred friendly’s producer, thinking of him now as i type these words, listening to bob seger and his lady sing the answer is the question. when trust is almost broken, stuart sitting before me heavy and distracted telling me the course of his success. told him my sex life with fern was great. he thanked me for telling him and went on. then stuart shieber on a bench with twenty minutes before our meeting with y.s.chi, stuart with a question wanting to listen for an answer. sitting on the bench with stuart i sketched the comic version of the two of us knights emmisary from the lord of education coming to engage the lord of content, and so the vision played out. then in our meeting probing, probing. the thrill is in the chase. y.s. off the record, conor there to witness, with his permission i would tell it all, let you listen to a conversation between the chairman of our provost’s committee on scholarly publication and the strategist for reed elsivier, vice chairman y.s.chi. (ys, with your permission which i would ask you to indicate if you are willing by editing this wiki to show your assent and participation. conor, please. indeed, instead of me writing to you about the substance of our meeting and next steps i would greatly appeciate you writing me and here with your understanding. i have suggested to my students in cyberone and evidence that they might like to come along on the adventure of exploring articulation and moderation of our university’s most engaging questions.)

conversation between stuart shieber an y.s.chi put me in mind of our cyberone conversation, mike fricklas and wayne marshall speaking to each other across the copyright divide, which puts me in mind of aaron brooks lovely project, and my hope to catch sucherman’s interest in bringing fred friendly seminars alive again in the university world of second life.

will we be able to do this as a course for credit at harvard law school, that is my question to answer today. may we do it, becca and scott and colin and rob and phil and all as berkman center clinical program, affirmative engagement with the medium. but first i have to get my grades in.


Rebecca Nesson

Rebecca: are you there?
Sent at 1:10 PM on Friday
Rebecca did not receive your chat.
Sent at 1:33 PM on Friday
Rebecca: hey
you there?
me: YES
Rebecca: hey, good.
so it seems like bad news about the clinical program.
would it work if we choose actual SL disputes and find people who are willing to have their disputes arbitrated by our court?
me: I JUST SPOKE WITH Ms. dealy
Rebecca: oh, ok.
me: told her that we are representing clients in the court of public opinion
josh wolf…
me: the california legislator
yes, wolf
and dj drama
Rebecca: did that help?
me: yes, she wants to consult with her committee
which i totally encouraged
todd rakoff
Rebecca: can she do that fast enough?
also, i think they will probably say no.
me: yes, but we need to give her a description
at least in outline form
specifically the links to the three project sites
Rebecca: ok, we can do that.
me: exactly
Rebecca: is email an ok medium for that?
does she want a description of how the course will run? probably.
me: it is doing a moot court, and writing the open after, and doing the research and the cogitating before hand
Rebecca: i will write a description for you.
with links.
and send it to you.
then you can edit it and send it to her.
me: working in groups in sycopation between real classroom activity and the expression of it the following week in virtual, and vice versa
Rebecca: what is the course title that you are going with?
me: mmm
choose among
Rebecca: trial practice in teh court of public opinion?
me: yesterday i googled cyberone and it came up first on google
had a great visit to ny yesterday with stuart
Sent at 1:49 PM on Friday
me: we can take our class on a clincal exploration of the reed elsevier world of content lords, futher to the fricklas/marshall panel and the project of aaron brooks
go to meet dj drama
Rebecca: ok, stay on the ground here.
we need to write this description and get it approved first.
me: exactly
Rebecca: let me work on that and send it to you.
me: and i love you
mega much
Rebecca: i love you too.
me: :