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Daily Archive for Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

morning thoughts

christina and chris and tim, a free culture team, came over to my house yesterday to talk with me about releasing my audio archive. i gave them my day’s journal on a cd as a sample, then joined in conversation with them together with rebecca, wayne and wayne’s friend dave about connecting music-makers in jamaica with music-makers here.

On 12/18/06, Ke Xu wrote:

This morning was really lovely. Such an engaging and yet peaceful
gathering at the beginning of the day really makes everything better
afterwards, so thank you thank you thank you.

I am very excited about the Jamaica project. It has such potential, and
even though it is in some ways completely different from what we are doing
at Antenna Alliance, in other ways it is very much fundamentally the same
mission–helping the creators and consumers of music connect and
facilitating the cycle of music reuse.

I was wondering: there is a scholarship for undergraduates that funds
interesting internships abroad. Do you think it would be helpful for me to
go down to Jamaica for some part of the summer and assist in any and
every way I can? If I can get it, the scholarship would pay for all of my
expenses, but I would have to get moving on an extended budget, proposal,
and all of that before February. I believe Tim and Christopher are also
uncommitted for the summer so far, and would be willing to go down if we
can get something done.

Happy holidays, happy New Years!