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Daily Archive for Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

kevin back in ja

This is empathic argument. Kevin writes:

it is 9pm and i am sitting here talking to you, and as i do that i realize that i just got home from a trip and i must get home to latoya so need less to say this will not be a long one. but i feel the need to let you know the kind of trip i had. at first it seemed that nothing could go right and then it happened i realized that this trip was not about what i was looking at in the first place, i realized that this trip was the trip for me to take time out and really think if i want to continue on this journey or switch gears. and it was at that moment that my speaking engagements got better because i stopped worring about weather or not i would get the check at the end or weather or not i would have to wait. to be in financial need is not the place where i want to be however i must say it keeps me humble but the one thing that it does that is most amazing to me is that my eagerness to help others seem to remain strong even in the worst of times.

and then the answer came, it came to me like a left hook followed by a bouble right cross. its like this when i started doing this it was not the money that made it work it was the love and the drive, that thing, that wanting to see other people succeed. but i also thought that though it was not the money, i did not have to wonder where it was going to come from then either, but then again, the primary reason it worked is the fact that it was based on truth.

every thing about this is true, the reasons, the approach, the results, the intentions, all of it is true without a dowt. we went to the people and asked them how we could help them and then we helped them in exactly that manner, nothing was forced upon anyone. we mede mistakes along the way but not deliberately it was done out of a desire to do good.

here are the mistakes i think we made, i think we admitted to weakness when there was none. we told the administration that this was an inmate driven program without first showing them how and where they had and could maintain their control without leaving our path. we know what they are and the culture that they are a part of and just like we went to the inmates we should have gone to them and gave them exactly what they asked us for (which we can still do) put them in a position where they can take credit without taking anything from the inmates. we are smart enough to be able to do that.

this retreat we are talking about is most important, and this is the perfect oppertunity to announce a partnership. we should go to them with a doccument that outlines our partnership, a doccument that says we are going to make you superstars a doccument that says the now functioning body of DCS had done for jamaica and its crime problem what no one else in history has been able to do. this document should show that they have gone within their own walls and not only found the solution but that they have put it into practice. this doccument should speak of restorative justice, forgiveness, redemption, empathy, it should show DCS reaching out to communities which represents every single client in its care.

you asked me what was first on my list of things to do and this is it. first lets say that this retreat will happen. lets put a date to it. and a dollar amount. and find the funds to make it happen. then lets get working on this docment, as this document will be yours and my main presentation at this retreat.

this is just a touch of what came out of my trip. i can’t wait to talk to you. i am so ready …….lets do this. i’ll be in the office by 9am talk to you then

I’ll be talking to you soon

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