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Monthly Archive for November, 2006

Trial of the Socratic Method

A seminar of law students talks about law school and Socrates. Thanks to Clay Ward.


Thanks Bruneu7. i look forward to all our students listening to and thinking about this.

Democracy Projecting SuperHero

Dean says: “Charlie thought it might be cool if I did a little intro for our classes. Check it out…”

Here’s Jonathan Kropp’s podcast of which Dean speaks — SuperHero Registration

And here is the CyberOne class discussion that followed, starting 21 minutes in. (sorry about that.)

“the smartest thinking I’ve ever seen about citizen media” -ethan zuckerman

Bless you Ethan for amplifying this brilliant approach to community programming. Bless you Ronaldo for fostering it.

What should Odysseus do?

How Open to the Net should Our University be


Internet & Society


The question for Internet & Society 2007, How Open Should Our University Be? The question for Odysseus, how to love Penelope. What do you do if you are Ullysses and Penelope tells you she has taken a lover. This we spoke about in our reading group, the video now in my iMovie in clips to be cut and posted. Marc Engerman yesterday at three articulated back to me the algorthimic approach to personal and institutional restructuring, draft by Thanksgiving of a message from us to the Divinity School, Divinity in the Net, roots in Emerson and Fried, expression in the good we are capable of constituting together. Coming soon to a theater near you.

Fred Friendly – Part 4 (end)

Fred Friendly – Part 4 (end)

Fred Friendly Seminar Part 3

The Iliad – An Odyssey of Emotion from god to Man

The second session of the reading group Fern and i are leading talked about the Iliad. An earlier posted video segment addresses the rage that arises when the authority figure in your life insults you by lording it over you. In this segments Fern and our students talk a bit about the nature of rage, empathy and humanity.