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Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Inflecting Pool – Thanks Flack

How beautiful and beautifully inventive this is, with its sounds and colors and joyous energy of our pool and its players in summer. Thanks Tony. Thanks riddim method

Meet Father Albert

Monseigneur Richard Albert, to whom Anders Jones introduced me in Jamaica, came to Boston for a visit. Three of my students and i took the opportunity to learn from him some of what he has learned in his thirty years of service in Jamaica. He’s a cigar chomping whiskey drining priest originally from Brooklyn New York. He talks with my students, and with Cambridge Mayor Ken Reeves, who declares himself to be the first openly gay black mayor of any American city, about religion and dons and homophbia.

Twin of Twins – Get Lively

Repatriate Jamaica – Twin of Twins will help Kevin translate the message of reconstitution into language the man on the street and the women in dancehall understand. Curly is sitting at Kevin’s conference table at Destiny Productions, Kingston Jamaica, reacting to the first statements by P.J. Patterson on the program Kevin is producing.

P.J. Patterson – Repatriate Jamaica

Patterson Seaga Introductions

Here is the beginning of the program Kevin is producing, in which i introduce the two past prime ministers of Jamaica with their Wikipedia entries. Alex Lee sits in between, and when the interview is over gives me an excellent debriefing, which i will very shortly post.

Twin of Twins – My Good Black Friend

twins to translate to the people

More Twins. i want to bring them to Cambridge for an event in the Spring.

True Jamaican Kevin Wallen

i love this piece of video. the camera turns on Kevin, the director, and catches the passion in him.

Odyssey Reading Group – Insult and the Power of Apology

In the second session of our reading group Fern and i and our students talked about Homer’s Iliad, the rage of Achilles and the abuse of authority by Agamemnon that produced it. Law and Emotion is our subject, Law as Authority, how we use it, how we abuse it, how we respond when we are abused, how to stop abusing. Good stuff.

We recorded the video ourselves, passing the camcorder from hand to hand. Our camera skills have improved significantly from our first session, but still a long way yet to further improve.


Meet Anders Jones, an extraordinary young man doing extraordinarily good work, in Jamaica now reaching out to other poor nations in the world.


Rebecca: cyberian
Rebecca: you there?
Sent at 12:18 PM on Saturday
me: hey
saw you flashing
you still there?

Sent at 1:48 PM on Saturday
Rebecca: are you still there?
i got absorbed in something.
and washed dishes.
me: hi
Rebecca: i wanted to ask you if you’ve checked out our classes that we’re supposed to have after fly-out week.
me: nice to have clean dishes
Rebecca: i think we’re supposed to do the radio class, and i don’t know if you’ve invited our guests!
it would be great to have ben walker.
me: jake is coming. let’s email ben
Rebecca: oh, that’s great too.
yeah, let’s email ben.
we’ve been listening to his theory of everything show.
it’s a pretty interesting show.
me: you mentioned that
he’s a genuinely interesting guy
Rebecca: also, i’ve been thinking about whether it would be a good idea to try to incorporate little second life trial advocacy exercises into your evidence class this winter.
i think it would be a good idea.
me: me too
been thinking about it
Rebecca: i think we could do them in ames and possibly make them public events sometimes, so that people could come watch but not say anything.
like going to a real court argument.
me: wanting to try it out with my reading group
Rebecca: and if you wanted, i bet we could sign up a jury or several.
ok, i’m up for it.
me: dynomite
Rebecca: i think it would be very good for your evidence class in particular.
me: did you see ivygate
Rebecca: because i think you could do a little return to the rules.
me: (smiley)
Rebecca: and do SL trial exercises that are practice on the different rules.
what’s on ivygate?

me: google it
it’s a blog that has interest in our class
worried about nick
Rebecca: i think it is going to be ok.
there are a couple of sites out to get him in a very venomous way who have been doing this since the beginning.
gawker and idolator are run by the same people, same audience.
gawker is the politics arm and idolator the music arm, so nick ends up on both.
there has been interesting discussion on, our wiki, a little on a blog at
not everything is anti-nice.
i think it is interesting that ivy gate feels it fair to cut the argument down in that way. i don’t think you actually hold the opinion they are trying to hand to you.
and i think nick spoke really well and convincingly in class.
i don’t think he is worse off after this, except that it kicks up a little dust.
me: ivygate put up a seven minute clip on youtube
Rebecca: anyway, do you think we should write to nick to make sure he’s ok?
i see that.
i haven’t watched it, obviously.
is it really bad for nick?
me: we are in the court of public opinion
Rebecca: indeed we are.
me: suppose nick’s case were to be a moot court
Rebecca: we could do it, but i seriously doubt that nick will want to participate himself.
we can see.
me: not as a witness
Rebecca: but i think that if i were him i might want to put the whole thing to rest at this point.
me: i was thinking i’d like to have his humor on my side when i’m judging
Rebecca: hah!
well, there’s no harm in asking him…
me: i love this guy
i want to adopt him
Rebecca: i am sure that there will be lots of extension students and at-large participants interested in working on the moot court.
me: would nick have fun typing away in second life
Rebecca: i’m not sure.
you’d have to ask him.
me: of course
Rebecca: i would love to see what kind of avatar he would create.
Rebecca: And I think wayne and i have settled on a first second life appearance for him.
in conjunction with his appearance in our class.
i think he’s going to do a talk with another ethnomusicologist about open access scholarship and copyright issues.
the other guy is anthony mcann.
apparently interested in ways that academic discourse can happen without the need for people flying all over the world to conferences wasting lots of carbon.
me: i’m just this minute sending email to christina xu, feedback on her project, which is open access,
inviting her to the first I&S breakfast, nov 1, faculty club, to which you are cordially invited.
Rebecca: (smile)
me: in fact just posted my response to her on eon
Rebecca: well, i’ll let you get back to that.
i should get back to what i was doing too.
nice chatting with you.
me: :