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Daily Archive for Sunday, November 5th, 2006

CyberOne – Aaron Brooks

We are experimenting with the means of digital production in our hands. i’ve put a video camera on a tiny tripon on my desk. Various folk take a seat before the camera. Aaron was among the first, come to seek guidance on empathic argument, a skill we are seeking to master. i love his smile and his appreciation for Cambridge. i love Cambridge 2.

i love this video, edited to leave in the learning process. pardon Aaron off to the side in the billboard. i have not yet figured out how to choose the frame which youtube puts up. i am learning empathic argument and the expression of it in cybermedia. fun for me, maybe tough on you.

We shall see whether in this new networked environment we will express more love than fear through the power of our connection.

We are learning to make empathic arguments and learning how to teach it all at the same time. We are learning how to express our message in cybermedia and learning how to teach how to express our message in cybermedia at the same time. Each of us is a learning machine with digital skill and network connection as extension of our hand. We are expression in the medium.