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Daily Archive for Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Art and Jordan Talk Pro Bono

Art and Jordan are students in CyberOne seeking to strengthen their friendship by talking through a difference that separated and threatened to alienate them from each other. They differ on whether Jordan is justified in feeling resentful of Harvard Law Schools requirement that each student do forty hours of “pro bono” work as a condition of graduation. This video begins their quest for mutual empathy. Their relationship and their conversation is a work in progress. The video is rough, but it’s a start.

Arielle Silver – Blind Cowboy

Arielle Silver – Odessa

Here’s Arielle. She was my assistant until she up and left to go on tour. She followed her dream in a van burning vegatable oil all the way to Odessa. She comes into my office to tell me about what she has seen and learned and given and sing for me the fun she gives. She has a ton of stories mixing up with song. She’s looking for part-time work.

Odyssey Reading Group#1- Tao Te Ching

Fern and i are leading a reading group composed first-year law students plus a ringer. Our topic is the universal odessey of emotion each of us travels in our quest to tame our rage without killing our spirit. Fern starts with the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, Be Living, Not Dying. We follow with the rage of Achilles, the insult of Agamemnon.