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Daily Archive for Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Trinidad and Tobago

At 02:56 PM 11/25/2005, you wrote:
Dear Professor Nesson,

My name is Ayesha Wharton and I work at the Distance Learning Secretariat for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education in Trinidad and Tobago. I found your organisation online whilst doing research on education programs for prisoners in Jamaica. The Ministry wants to start a program similar to the Students and Staff Expressing Truth here in Trinidad and Tobago. It will be called “rehabilitating Inmates through Training and Retraining”.

I am wondering if you would be willing to give us more information about that Jamaican project.
I read about the Reverence for Life project, which from what I see online was terminated. Is that still existence or has SSET replaced it? I am also trying to source contact information for those individuals running the program in Jamaica.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Ayesha Wharton
Distance Learning Secretariat
Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education
T: 868-622-9922 ext 146
C: 868-746-7004
F: 868-622-7640


Dear Ms. Wharton,

I will be pleased to supply whatever information you wish about Jamaica’s rehabilitation program. It’s essence lies in being inmate-driven. The strength of our program comes from the bottom up, not top down. There is helpful and supportive oversight from the ministry and correctional department, but the drive comes from the teammates in the program. Reverence for Life is alive and well, at the spiritual core of our program. Incarceration brings a person face to face with fundamental need to understand and learn to deal with authority and freedom. We teach a process of self recognition and development. Become aware of your breathing, what you eat, how you dress, how you speak, how you exercise, how you relate to others. We demonstrate the nature and need for trust, peace and respect. We teach and learn human and digital skills. We learn to believe in each other and in our selves. SET is an outgrowth of Reverence for Life, Students Express Truth, becoming now SSET, Students and Staff Expressing Truth. Our program succeeds as staff comes to support students and participate in their learning process. Engaging staff by expressing our program in a manner that serves and respects their professional and personal needs is presently our most important challenge. Our objective is to extend the spirit and practice of reverence for life from the depths of Kingston’s prisons up to the warders of authority and out to the children of our schools.

Kevin Wallen leads SET. Major Richard Reese leads the correctional forces. Desmond Green and John Prescod lead Reverence For Life. Marguerite Orane leads Growth Facilitators.

The development of our program is documented at
Search on Jamaica.

If your ministry wishes our help in developing a related rehabilitation program you need only invite our consultation.

Thank you for your interest.

Charles R. Nesson
Weld Professor of Law
Harvard Law School
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