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Daily Archive for Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

social architecture

Charles Nesson wrote:
hello david,
i had thought i would be away november 14 in Tunis but have cancelled, which makes it possible for me to attend your social architecture event. May fern and i be invited?

David Weinberger wrote:
After extensive discussions, a vote of the governing board, and a thorough background check, we have decided to permit you and Fern to attend.
Great to have you!
David W.

JD Lasica wrote:
Susan Mernit , Leslie Rule , Brewster Kahle , Dave Toole
Re: Corporate Sponsorships
Hi folks,
Hope all’s well. I’ll be seeing Charles in Boston on Mon-Tue; meeting
with Dave next week; and thanks, Susan, for the sample business plan.

It’s been 5 1/2 weeks since our Oct. 1 get-together at KQED. After the
strategy session, I revamped the Ourmedia wiki (as I mentioned) and
created landing pages for the teams handling corporate sponsorships
and foundation support:

I’m the only one who has contributed to these pages thus far. I think
the mistake we made was in not designating a committee chair to own
this responsibility (it can’t be me).

This is a critical time for Ourmedia — we desperately need corporate
sponsorships to continue development of the site, which stopped three
months ago. From a user perspective, the site continues to be
something of a small miracle: we just passed 50,000 members and
stabilized the server situation. But for the site to thrive, we need
to get into the 2006 marketing budgets of these corporate giants.

Which is why it’s critical to make progress in this area now, before
holiday fatigue sets in.

I’ve spend the past month writing up proposals for partnerships with
Yahoo, Akamai, Microsoft, Intel and VeriSign (so far). See attached.
And I’m now working on a busines plan for the Omidyar Network; helping
with the discussions with the Media Center folks; and I set up a
Donation Center for Ourmedia that we should announce tomorrow.

But I can’t do this all alone. That was why we had the Oct. 1 summit
— to bring together not just the collective wisdom of the group for
one day, but to get a course of action in motion. We’ve made progress
in the open source programming area (thanks to Henrik) and in the
marketing arena (thanks to Carla). But the most important area remains
funding, and I need some help here.

So: Can someone volunteer to chair this effort? Can we begin pooling
our resources and knowledge? Can others begin contributing ideas or
contact names to the wiki?

Any other ideas or suggestions would be most welcomed.

Thanks very much!!

(925) 600-0639
aim: jdlas

Charles Nesson wrote:
You are thinking of ourmedia as a software product, like wikipedia software, that creates a machine for sharing. Also think of it as a movement in the real world among people who can build machines like wikipedia and ourmedia. Realize that we ourselves are a media event unfolding in time. Fill the role. What companies do you want sponsorship from? Convene a meeting. Invite them to attend.

i volunteer as social chairman, willing to lead a committee to convene sharing intellectual events among us. Berkman Center holds the best parties. We put spirit into our events. We express ourselves in the net.

Who will volunteer committee work to make the invitation list, pick a date, find a hall, organize transportation and accommodation? For Berkman Catherine Bracy does it all. :