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Daily Archive for Thursday, November 24th, 2005

Reading Jah Cure’s Trial Transcript

my study, early morining, thanksgiving, 2005, cambridge, massachusetts, united states of america, planet earth, sitting before the blinking lights of my modem, back against the roller of my massage chair, stevie nicks singing in my ear, jah cure’s transcript now finally open before me on my lap. thank you roderick for obaining it for me and sending it fedex to me. hello my evidence class. let your advance reading and preparation for nesson’s winter evidence begin. hello jackie, alex and diane, hello first year reading group, hello fans of socrates and poker, hello to the categories listed to the right, a taxonomy of thought and action i&i will organize. shall we reproduce copies of the transcript at the copy center? shall we ask pitf fellows to help us reconstruct the crime? shall we use flash software that will enable all to ask their questions, with each question represented by a pyramid that shows up along a time line so that we can see where our questions and suggestions cluster?

read with respect and empathy for the victim. she has been twice victimized, once by being robbed and raped, a second time by the pressure she has felt from some of those who would free Jah Cure. she must not be victimized again.