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August 2007

Uninstall and install Adobe CS3

CS3Clean Script is a savior to remove Adobe CS3 beta

I had got a trouble to uninstall Adobe CS3 beta on MAC.

Error message:”Adobe Photoshop CS3 cannot be installed because it conflicts with: Adobe Photoshop CS3” Yes, it was my fault. I did not follow the “instruction” and just removed the beta from the trash can. I am so use to do that on MAC. However, there is a savior from Adobe, the CS3Clean Script. So easy to use, couple “yes” and “no” command lines clean the beta off. I guess, window$ users will very smart to run the uninstall program, because they are well trained by M$.

After installation, CS3 can runs with 512 RAM???

Ok, next is something about install the CS3.

As every human being on Earth knows 1GB of RAM is the minimum requirement. However, I am not sure that requirement is just for installation. Because I can run photoshop with 512MB of RAM.
Well, during the installation, my window$ computer needs 1GB RAM. But after  one of my 512MB-RAM became bad, my pc is only running with another 512. Am I just being lucky, or is Adobe cheating?

ps. I said photoshop can run with 512, but I don’t mean it runs well. And I have not try that with any MAC yet.

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