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February 2007

Monthly Archive for February, 2007

Acrobat No! Preview Yes!

To using Safari 2.0 to open PDF, my experience is with Preview is faster that Acrobat, less buttons to load in the browser .

But when you have installed Acrobat into your MAC, it became the default and kick out Preview from Safari. There is a way to stop Acrobat.

Run “Acrobat”

Go to “Preferences” like this window


In “Internet” option, unchecked “Display PDF in browser using:”

Click “OK”.

Ah~ Now it is much better! :P

via: My Journey to Macintosh

Hold the “option” key to boot up MAC “Startup Manager”

optionkey.GIFPeople will hold “delete”, “F1”, “F2” or other keyboard commands to access the BIOS to initial Windows. With MAC, mostly just hold the “option” key, and then to select the boot devices.

“A9 Maps are no longer available” :(

A9 maps was a great idea for online mapping. it interacts online users with useful information. People can submit and share their street picture. But it was gone, what a sad story!

The feature, street-level photos was so helping for me. I could easy to recognize the place I was going. With google map or others, I only can know the location, and the “top” of the “old” building which no user-friendly at all.

One thing I don’t understand is, as in the “web 2.0” age, why this good tool can not be continue? Maybe it falls into the category “great product but not great goods”.

InDesgin CS2 Freezes up when “Initializing the SING gaiji system…”

There are Adobe solutions: For Window$ and O$.


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