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November 2023

Maya 7 is not a friend of Leopard


I had tried to install Maya 7 on Leopard (10.5.3), but Maya said “no, no” to Leopard. When I looked up the custom install options, Maya_core 7.0 was grayed out, and showed the “skip” action. Googled the issue with “maya 7 leopard”, it seems Maya 7 and Leopard have many issues. Well, that means I have been forced to update Maya 2008 on Leopard or downgrade to Tiger for Maya 7.

Do you think Apple or Autodesk care the user as me?

Uninstall and install Adobe CS3

CS3Clean Script is a savior to remove Adobe CS3 beta

I had got a trouble to uninstall Adobe CS3 beta on MAC.

Error message:”Adobe Photoshop CS3 cannot be installed because it conflicts with: Adobe Photoshop CS3” Yes, it was my fault. I did not follow the “instruction” and just removed the beta from the trash can. I am so use to do that on MAC. However, there is a savior from Adobe, the CS3Clean Script. So easy to use, couple “yes” and “no” command lines clean the beta off. I guess, window$ users will very smart to run the uninstall program, because they are well trained by M$.

After installation, CS3 can runs with 512 RAM???

Ok, next is something about install the CS3.

As every human being on Earth knows 1GB of RAM is the minimum requirement. However, I am not sure that requirement is just for installation. Because I can run photoshop with 512MB of RAM.
Well, during the installation, my window$ computer needs 1GB RAM. But after  one of my 512MB-RAM became bad, my pc is only running with another 512. Am I just being lucky, or is Adobe cheating?

ps. I said photoshop can run with 512, but I don’t mean it runs well. And I have not try that with any MAC yet.

Changing the look

This is the first time blogging after our blog host has updated the WP. There is many improvement. So far I know there are many things are going on the “Presentation” and “Plugins” tag. I have played around them. Cool stuff. Also I have changed the blog’s appearance and tested css works well firefox and safari under MAC. (I hope it looks ok in IE :P)

Apple website get already for “ie 8”, really?

There is a interesting line of coding that I found in Apple website



Hmm, how apple’s web developers know that code will work? Or are they just put it up there and waiting for the testing?

Add one more figther to the force of Web browsers on PC

Here is a story that happened this two days.

Yesterday, my friend tried to use IE in my MAC. She can’t install IE7, so we spent “some” time to find IE5 for mac. After she done with my MAC, I deleted IE right away. Today, Safari is available for Window$, I downloaded an installed it immediately in my Window$ PC after I knew it. Reason? On MAC, I don’t need IE AT ALL. On PC, I need test web page on Safari as other web browsers.

Yeah, as a web designer, there is one more web browser to test! Have fun.

Test drive of Safari for Window$.
Appearance: Good. Same as ran on MAC
Chinese encoding: Bad. I have sent applebug.jpg this issue to Apple already.
More? : Still testing, maybe next time. Or take a look here.


ACDsee thumbnail mode crash

There was issue with my acdsee 3.x which installed in XP. I had used acdsee3.x for a while, at the beginning it worked great, then later on, when I browse files with thumbnail mode, it crashed every time. It was so frustrating, so I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but that didn’t fix the problem.

Today I had googled the issue, and found the solution.

There are two files “ImageDB.dtf” and “ImageDB.ddf” that defaulted located in C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\ACD Systems\ACDSee. Exit acdsee (you make need to look up with “Windows Task Manager”), and deleted or remove them from that location. Run acdsee, the system will recreate the files back to same location.

Underwear for sexy geeks

This is a definitely “high-tech” and sexy “gadget” (but don’t mess up with Nike + iPod Sport Kit). What is it? Ladies and germ, after the big hit iPod Baby, we have the Apple iPhone G-String. (via: Engadget Chinese)

Ok, it is just sexy and looks high-tech. But is it people very want iPhone that bad? Or maybe it is a good idea for Apple iPhone + Victoria’s Secret Kit.

Sexy!!! XD

Palmguard for Macbook and Macbook pro

Apple products have very stylish and neat design, but it is hard to maintain their cleanness.

palmguard_b.jpgBut not with Palmguard, it is a cool accessory (cover) that keep you Mac notebooks clean. It covers most area where your palms will touch. That area is very easy get grease, scratches, smudges. On its website , there is installation. It is easy install and remove. $20 cost is reasonable. (via: Engadget Chinese)

Ok, Palmguard has many selling points to me, but it only fit 13″ MacBook and 15″ MacBook Pro, that very disappoint to me. If there is 12″ Palmguard for my ibook, moshi will get my 20 bucks. Do you think I can customize(cut :P) the 13″ to fit my 12″?

PS, Moshi has other cool products for Mac, but they seem a little bit $$$.

PPS, to keep clean your keyboard which the area Palmguard doesn’t cover, look up iSkin.

Acrobat No! Preview Yes!

To using Safari 2.0 to open PDF, my experience is with Preview is faster that Acrobat, less buttons to load in the browser .

But when you have installed Acrobat into your MAC, it became the default and kick out Preview from Safari. There is a way to stop Acrobat.

Run “Acrobat”

Go to “Preferences” like this window


In “Internet” option, unchecked “Display PDF in browser using:”

Click “OK”.

Ah~ Now it is much better! :P

via: My Journey to Macintosh

Hold the “option” key to boot up MAC “Startup Manager”

optionkey.GIFPeople will hold “delete”, “F1”, “F2” or other keyboard commands to access the BIOS to initial Windows. With MAC, mostly just hold the “option” key, and then to select the boot devices.


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