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March 2007

Monthly Archive for March, 2007

Underwear for sexy geeks

This is a definitely “high-tech” and sexy “gadget” (but don’t mess up with Nike + iPod Sport Kit). What is it? Ladies and germ, after the big hit iPod Baby, we have the Apple iPhone G-String. (via: Engadget Chinese)

Ok, it is just sexy and looks high-tech. But is it people very want iPhone that bad? Or maybe it is a good idea for Apple iPhone + Victoria’s Secret Kit.

Sexy!!! XD

Palmguard for Macbook and Macbook pro

Apple products have very stylish and neat design, but it is hard to maintain their cleanness.

palmguard_b.jpgBut not with Palmguard, it is a cool accessory (cover) that keep you Mac notebooks clean. It covers most area where your palms will touch. That area is very easy get grease, scratches, smudges. On its website , there is installation. It is easy install and remove. $20 cost is reasonable. (via: Engadget Chinese)

Ok, Palmguard has many selling points to me, but it only fit 13″ MacBook and 15″ MacBook Pro, that very disappoint to me. If there is 12″ Palmguard for my ibook, moshi will get my 20 bucks. Do you think I can customize(cut :P) the 13″ to fit my 12″?

PS, Moshi has other cool products for Mac, but they seem a little bit $$$.

PPS, to keep clean your keyboard which the area Palmguard doesn’t cover, look up iSkin.


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