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Positive Psychology

Board shorts and flip-flops.
Dress for the weather you want.
Not the one you have.


A naked plant cell.
Delicate, vulnerable.
Toughness is vital.

Cell walls give support.
They enclose, protect, constrain.
Plants are not sprinters.


We danced forever.
My love and I in my room.
Glad to have a cat.


Read the Class Report.
Picked up a swimsuit and shorts.
Squash in the morning.


This is Supinda.
She has a husband named Bob.
Why does Marco laugh?

Writing on the Wall

Diagnostic digest a gel.
Seed cells.
Catch up on emails → call Florist

Yesterday, Tomorrow

Half an hour talking.
“Any questions?” No response.
Silence exhausts me.


I didn’t sleep well.
The rain should have been soothing.
Eyes closed for hours.

Spring Returns

Sitting in Langdell.
Spring outside, summer in here.
I’m melting. Melting.