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Be fearful of Lent.
If He hasn’t yet risen,
Aren’t Christians at risk?

Portability and Power

One Laptop per Child?
Get off it, Negroponte.
I love my Acer.

Music Around Us

Carol of the Bells.
Pocahontas. Evita.
What is in common?

Funeral parlor playlist.
Someone thought it decorous.


They could get married.
They are both pretty spiteful.
I think it could work.

Non Kalendae

Stabbity. Stab. Stab.
You didn’t see that coming.
The Ides can be cruel.


Cherry. Minced meat. Peach.
Apple. Pecan. Key-lime pie.
Pumpkin. Blueberry.

Purple Party

Some lavender punch.
Two purple shirts, three more vests.
It was all blue shoes.


Improving weather.
It makes me feel lazier.
At least there’s more sun.

[At least there’s more sun.]
[I guess that’s okay.]
[Break out the flip-flops.]

Junior Parents’ Monday

Went to get my clothes.
Some mom folded my laundry.
The sweats are still damp.


Starfish have organs.
But we don’t come from starfish.
Like shrews, we’re mammals.

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