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Beyond the Sea

—Look at those blue shoes.
—Yeah! I have lots of blue shoes.
—No, way. So do I.

Oh, no.

Simone de Beauvoir.
Feminist. Innovator.
One fine piece of ass.

Night’s Summary

I’m sorry. Oysters?
You wouldn’t want a framboise.
Robots and cartoons.

Going Home

Pretending to read,
Glancing at the passengers.
Avoid eye contact.

What’s that on the floor?
Fascinated by my feet
While riding the T.

Holler Back

This plant bears us fruit.
This plant bears us fruit.


Brisket and bean sprouts.
Thai basil, lemongrass, tripe.
Beef broth, rooster sauce.


What could be better?
Crawling back into the womb
Where it’s safe and warm.

From Gomes

Always ask yourself:
Which problem is this person
A solution to?

Mary Kay Infosession

“Do you speak Spanish?”
“No,” I replied with a smile.
Waiting for dinner.


Is it a human?
Is it a British monarch?
The prettiest queen.

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