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To a Super Model Mother

Mom, I want a cookie.
Mom, why are you standing like that?
Mom, why don’t you blink?

Missed Connections

Missed your text message.
Going to the dining hall.
Had a picnic there.


He’s not that beastly.
He’s a mongoose with rabies.
And has mosquitoes.

Eyes High

The subway tunnels.
You seldom see the ceiling.

But I know it’s there.

What a Hint

Two men just dropped by.
They left me eighty boxes.
Guess it’s time to move.


A lawn, some sail boats.
Old brick peeks through a dull mist.
A happy train ride.

It’s my party

I seldom regret.
Usually waiting is fine.
Sometimes it is not.

Open face

I went to JCrew.
“I thought you worked here,” they said.
Made that mistake twice.