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Defying gravity

Key stones and concrete.
The strength of architecture.
Why buildings stand up.

And a bowl of popcorn

To pitchers, to beer:
French Canadian women.
Razzy’s, I’ll miss you.

How To

Start with the topic.
Try to use full sentences.
End with a surprise.

All the Small Things

Everywhere photons.
It’s lucky that they exist.
How else would we see?

Wishful Thinking

The axolotl.
Mexican Pokémon.
Got to catch them all.

Positive Psychology

Board shorts and flip-flops.
Dress for the weather you want.
Not the one you have.


A naked plant cell.
Delicate, vulnerable.
Toughness is vital.

Cell walls give support.
They enclose, protect, constrain.
Plants are not sprinters.


We danced forever.
My love and I in my room.
Glad to have a cat.


Read the Class Report.
Picked up a swimsuit and shorts.
Squash in the morning.


This is Supinda.
She has a husband named Bob.
Why does Marco laugh?

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