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A story of a Harvard student going through IVF

Month: March 2017

My Full Time Job


“So what do you do these days?” I got this Qs asked almost every time I left my house. That’s almost 1-2x / week, approx 10x per month. At first, I was terrified. Now I just felt numb. I change my answer depending on my mood.

It is completely understandable. You graduated with a business degree. You did all the course work. You sat in the commencement ceremony and heard the inspiration speech from whoever was the speaker that year. You’re loaded with aspiration and expectation (mostly from others). I understand. I do.

So here is what I do ‘full-time’ after graduation – Trying to get myself pregnant.

I researched fertility treatments, acupuncturist (specialized in fertility). I studied all ranking/evaluation of the fertility Drs in the Bay Area. I spoke to insurance companies for coverage details. I am in at least 3 IVF support groups. I read people experience, protocols. I ask Qs regarding their choices. I looked up my list of Rx, compare prices and look for legit pharmacy. I communicate between my fertility center and insurance companies to understand payment. I go to my acupuncturist once a week and we discuss my treatment plans and strategies.

On top of all that, I walk my dog at least 1 hour every day.

If I have spare time, I write my book. I meet up with people who are recruiting me to serve on their Board of Directors and/or being their pro bono  business consultant.

This is completely not what I expected when I was growing up.