I was away for a week from home to be with families and closed friends. It was probably one of the best decisions I made in life. As always, listening to your gut would never fail you.

I am back home.  Back to the reality that I need to face. To the job interviews that I’ve been going to the projects that I need to initiate / wrap up in order to graduate (next month).

Just like many miscarriage mommies, reality is tough. The toughest part isn’t about seeing others getting pregnant, the toughest part is how to deal with the time when you’re completely alone.

You pretty much want to re-live the time when all your cycles were regular. As brutal as the reality is, there’re always signs to show you that you’re indeed still in recovery.

This could only be understood by women how have gone through miscarriage.

I have learned not to to be angry and judgmental to all comments I received. Deep down, it is hard to understand what we all have gone through. Sometimes I wonder if the universe wants to throw a curve ball to test me  prior to graduation. The toughest isn’t really coming from the academic subject itself. The toughest is how I choose to deal with situation and how I navigate through all these scenarios.

I just want to tell you that I am still in recovery. And if you have any expectation for me, PLEASE BACK OFF.

No offense. I will still be respectful to you regardless of your education level, social status, gender whatsoever.

I just don’t know how long this recovery will last. May be in a few months or may be it will never end.