A letter to us from President Obama

A letter to us from President Obama

This is not easy to swallow. We are scared. The nation is scared.

I, too asked the same questions “where is justice? what is faith?”
How could we still keep our heads up knowing that the path ahead of us will be a bit more difficult and challenging now?

Reading this letter that was given to us at our naturalization ceremony, I then realized…
Faith is indeed within us. I still believe in social justice. I believe in Black Lives Matter. I believe in equality in gender, health, education, same sex marriage, and economic opportunities.

If you, too are the believer like me, we now need to work even harder to protect our civic rights and to look out for each others, whether s/he is an immigrant,

a young girl with dream to become a president, a person of color, senior, or someone living in poverty, etc.

As the day has just began, think about how you can become a more engaged citizen in your neighborhood, community and to keep this faith as contiguous as possible.

And…if you have dream(s), go chase it and kick some serious axx!