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A story of a Harvard student going through IVF

Month: June 2016

Summer Breeze (Part 2)

It has been 3 weeks since my graduation. It’s nearly 4 months since my miscarriage.

Time is an interesting thing. Some people found themselves never have enough of it. But some ‘take’ it as a way to heal.

The excitement from the commencement has wind down. Visiting family members have returned home. Vacation is over. All folks are back to their daily routine.

So what is MY daily routine now? I no longer need to check my calendar for group meeting. I have no paper to write…I got no TA session to attend.

The weather has been so beautiful here. Even I walk my dog for almost an hour per day, the summer breeze makes everyone so relaxing and comfortable. Oh yes, the summer breeze!! Isn’t what I was yearning for during my recovery? I remember I was screaming for sun light and summer breeze while I was lying on my bed, feeling hopeless.

And there we go, the summer breeze is welcoming me home! The universe has granted all my wishes at the most perfect timing. Just when I am trying to figure out my ‘daily routine’, it gives me something I almost forgot…something I’ve asked for during the darkest time.

I don’t know what my daily routine should be for the time being. But I do know there’s something I ought to learn after graduation – learning how to LIVE again. Learning to be present and be grateful.